Born 1956 in Birmingham, England
Educated: Amersham College of Art and
Camberwell School of Art, London

"In 1908 Picasso told his friend Gonzales that if the planes of his paintings were to be cut apart and reassembled they would form a sculpture And three years later, he stated that a painting should show objects with such a degree of plasticity that an engineer would be able to execute them in three dimensions" 

Solo Exhibitions:

Henrik Kampmann Galleri, Copenhagen, 1981

Henrik Kampmann Galleri, Copenhagen, 1982

Exeter University, Exeter, 1983

Henrik Kampmann Galleri, Copenhagen, 1984

Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Coventry, 1985

Bermondsey Park Art Gallery, London, 1985

Herning Kunstmuseum, Herning, 1986

Galleri Astel, Copenhagen, 1989

Jon Schmidt Galleri, Ribe, 1990

Galleri Weinberger, Copenhagen, 1992

Vejen Kunstmuseum, Vejen, 1993

Galerie MøllerWitt, Sønderborg, 1994

Galleri Weinberger, Copenhagen, 1994

Kongegården, Korsør, 1994

Galleri Weinberger, Copenhagen, 1996

Galleri Wolfsen, Aalborg, 1997

Galerie MøllerWitt, Sønderborg, 1998

Pauls Books and Records Gallery, Copenhagen, 1999

Galleri Weinberger, Copenhagen, 1999

Galleri Wolfsen, Aalborg, 2000

ADP Orly Ouest, Paris, 2000

Pauls Books and Records Gallery, Copenhagen, 2000

Sønderborg Slot, ”Painting is drawing”, Sønderborg, 2001

Galleri Kim Anstensen, Gothenberg, 2005

Galleri Hornbæk, Hornbæk, 2005

Galleri Wolfsen, Aalborg, 2005

Galleri Hornbæk,Hornbæk, 2007

Galleri Wolfsen, Aalborg, 2007

Galleri Annexone, Copenhagen, 2009

Galleri Wolfsen, Aalborg, 2009

Modtar Projects, “Graveyard” 2011

Galleri Weinberger, “Blossom” 2012

Group Exhibitions:

1981 Metro Show, London

1982 Christie’s Innaugural, London

1985 Contemporary Art Society, London

1986 Kunsternes Efterårsudstilling, Copenhagen

1986 Contemporary Art Society, London

1992 Galleri Asbæk Stærk, Horsens

1993 Galerie MøllerWitt, “Corpus Animatum”, Sønderborg

1993 Tuborg Kunstforenings 50års Jubilæum, Copenhagen

1993 PRO 93, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen

1994 Galerie MøllerWitt, Sommerudstilling, Sønderborg

1995 Æglageret, Holbæk

1995 Galleri Weinberger, “Black and White II”, Copenhagen

1996 Galleri Wolfsen, Påskeudstilling, Aalborg

1996 Kilkenny Arts Festival, Ireland

1996 DCA Gallery, New York

1997 Galerie MøllerWitt, Påskeudstilling, Sønderborg

1997 Galleri Wolfsen, Påskeudstilling, Aalborg

1997 Galerie MøllerWitt, Århus

1997 Galerie MøllerWitt, “Op til-98”, Sønderborg

1998 Guiness Hopstore, Dublin

1999 Haderslev Kunstmuseum, Haderslev

1999 Faaborg Kunstmuseum, Faaborg

2001 Museum Du Frontignan, Frankrig

2001 Galleri GKM Siwert Bergström, Malmö

2001 Galerie MøllerWitt ”Op til-2002”, Aarhus

2002 Galleri Kim Anstensen, Gothenberg

2003 Cross Gallery, Dublin

2005 Galleri Wolfsen, Påskeudstilling, Aalborg

2005 Galleri Hornbæk, Selected ’Works on Paper’, Hornbæk

2007 Galleri Weinberger, 20 year Jubileum Exhibition, Copenhagen

2008 Galerie WolfsenGrand opening, Aalborg

2010 Accrochage I, Sturiale Contemporary Art, Gorizia, Italy

2010 Haus der Wirtschaft, Berlin

2011 Sturiale Paper Projects 1, Gorizia, Italy

2011 Sturiale Paper Projects 2, Gorizia, Italy