SCA announces artist Jože Suhadolnik

Born in 1965 in Ljubljana. Between 1987 and 1989 he worked at Mladina magazine and at Dnevnik newspaper, in the early nineties he started to collaborate with agencies Associated Press and the European Photo Agency, during that time he started publishing in the journal Razgledi. 1996 he received the award Zlata ptica (Golden Bird) for photography and the award Golden Pen New York for the photograps in the calendar of Pediatric Clinic.


SCA announces artist Vivian Berg

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the artist Vivian Berg has gracefully accepted the invitation to be a member of the artists represented by Sturiale Contemporary Arts. The work of of Vivian Berg made an immediate impact upon the first viewing and it is my sincere belief that a similar reaction will take place when exposed to a broader public. Sturiale Contemporary Art will be showing the work of Vivian Berg at the first exhibition we are mounting at Sturiale Project Space opening May 26th. It will be a group exhibition entitled  `Sturiale Paper Projects 1´.  More info about Vivian Berg will be available in the next few days in the artists section.


Spiral Meander 2011, oil on paper, 30 x 30 cm


Sturiale Space Project in Gorizia

It has long been the ambition of Sturiale Contemporary Arts to establish a broader platform for the art and artists associated with SCA. With this in mind I have taken the initiative to open  Sturiale Project Space in Gorizia, Italy at  Borgo Castello 23 in collaboration with ViaRastelloQuarantatre.     The inaugural project I have chosen to launch this venture with is "Sturiale Paper Projects 1" which will open on Thursday 26th May. The exhibition will comprise of original works on paper and contemporary photography. It is my sincere hope that the project space will provide a unique opportunity for the people of Gorizia, Friuli Venezia Giulia and further afield to view and experience a series of specifically curated projects that will engage, stimulate and in due course prove to be a viable addition to the cultural life of the region.

Paolo Sturiale

Upclose: “Public Private Hanoi” by André Lützen 

Here's a few images taken from the launch of  “Public Private Hanoi” by photographer André Lützen. The exhibtion '"Public Private Hanoi" with prints will open on the 16th of June 2011 in Hamburg at the Freelens Gallery.


Upclose: "Graveyard" by Galvin Harrison

A few images taken from Galvin Harrison's installation "Graveyard" displayed in Copenhagen last February. Soon we will post all relevant news about the locations where "Graveyard" will travel to.