Un goriziano a Dubai: Paolo Sturiale si racconta e svela il progetto GoBiennale

Vi segnalo questo articolo apparso il 27 dicembre 2010 sul sito Bora.La



Roger Ballen Retrospective 1982-2004 by SCA, City Museum of Ljubljana



"The haunting black and white photos of Roger Ballen are like freeze-frame images taken from the subconscious, hidden thoughts, dreams and fears are rendered visible by the camera's all-seeing eye. Ballen seems to document a parallel world, a grim cosmos divided into claustrophobic cells populated by freaks, dirty children with masks askew and animals performing meaningless stunts: a twisted fantasy, a nightmare, a carnival spinning out of control.

But photography's residual indexical nature is a reminder that no matter how transparently staged Ballen's scenes are, somewhere, out there, these rooms exists. The images are evocative and shocking, less because of the socio-economic circumstances of their sitters than the grotesque sense of mystery, insanity, hilarity that hinges them together." taken from the curatorial text by Paolo Sturiale.



Drawings from the collection by Daniel Bell and Sharon Brindle at the Museum of Childhood in London 


Brindle and Bell decided to make drawings inspired by the Museum of Childhood’s collection whilst working there together in early 2010. Having trained at Camberwell School of Arts & Crafts and Glasgow School of Art respectively, they found they had an affinity in their figurative and direct approach to drawing.

 Reflecting the diverse range of artefacts in the museum, their work portrays the various characters and situations that they have come across personally. The drawings of puppets, figures and dolls represent a series of intimate encounters, with the work being a response to the subjects that the artists most fondly relate to.



L'impegno di SCA negli scambi culturali internazionali

Lo scorso luglio 2010 abbiamo iniziato un interessante percorso per promuovere alcuni artisti degli Emirati Arabi Uniti in Italia ed Europa con in supporto dell' ADACH (Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage) il più alto organo culturale istituzionale del Paese. Il progetto, partito con la personale dell'artista Manal Bin Amro presso la galleria Photon di Ljubljana, prevede una lunga lista di appuntamenti culturali legati al mondo dell'arte, cultura e tradizioni del mondo arabo. In questi giorni stiamo preparando la presentazione del progetto "(re)Organized" che prevede il coinvolgimento della Facoltà di Architettura di Gorizia attraverso una piattaforma espositiva tra Italia ed Emirati Arabi. A breve posteremo tutte le news in merito.


A few images of Galvin Harrison's exhibition at Annexone back in 2009.


Galvin Harrison work is unique and highly charged, many years investigating and working thematically with the urban landscape is clearly evident and manifests itself strongly in all paintings, sculptures and gouaches being shown at AnnexOne.

Completely unique is the way this theme is further enhanced and enacted through the beautifully elegant black iron sculptures.

The sculptures reinforce the lines and forms of the paintings adding depth and offering a three-dimensional sculptural tour de force of the paintings elemental construction. 

Galvin Harrison investigates the areas that exist between the figurative and the abstract, the one dimensional and the spatial, using burned dramatic colours and fragmented elements and forms resulting in a shattered, explosive and beautiful manifestation of a complex visual universe. 

Picasso felt that if the planes of his paintings were to be cut apart and reassembled they would form sculptures. With Galvin Harrison the idea is accomplished with precision and character, the result is both fascinating and enriching.

Galvin Harrison is born in Birmingham in 1956 and educated at Amersham College of Art and Camberwell School of Art, London.