We have received many emails asking us what Renegade is about. Here's a quick RENEGADE PREVIEW, a great international multimedia show. Renegade Tour 2011 coming soon.




Highlights of 2010

SCA was responsible for some very interesting exhibitions and our artistst participated in numerous shows and events. You can follow our artists' careers developments by checking out the events page on this site. Below, we have highlighted just a few of them.

One of the main exhibition, that after long planning and difficulties that has been defined as one of the most interesting international group show ever landed in Gorizia was ACCROCHAGE 1. The exhibition, opened and supported by local authorities on February 5th has been a success with many people coming to visit it from Italy, Slovenia and Austria. Artists Galvin Harrison and Sharon Brindle attended the opening and gave a free workshop at the school of art "Max Fabiani" during the few following days.

After the official opening, the crowd moved to Kinemax for the national preview of the international multimedia show RENEGADE that has been shown indoor for the very first time featuring DJ Druid. The audience, after a quick introduction by artist/creator Galvin Harrison and Paolo Sturiale, reacted very well to the show that has been played for about 45 mins on a big cinema screen. We were a little concerned as RENEGADE is supposed to be played outdoors, but the power and diversity of the images mixed with the music enchanted the public in such an incredible way.´╗┐

Photographer Gina Zacharias had several succesfull exhibitions with the group show "Camuflajes" in Barcellona, Madrid, Zaragoza. In October, her solo show "Hesitating Silence" was part of Photonic Moments, the Month of Photography in Ljubljana at Mestna Galerija 2.


Another fantastic exhibition that SCA proudly brought to Photonic Moments is Jeffrey Silverthorne's Crossing Times, a unique collection of 18 photographs covering some of the most famous themes of the US  photographer who came to Ljubljana for the opening and gave a very interesting lecture to the students of the University of Ljubljana.




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