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A Journey Inside – a photo project by 8 Iranian photographers


Panos photographer Hossein Fatemi and his assistant Maryam Athari have been working with eight Iranian photographers – four men and four women – over the 14 months to create A Journey Inside. The project seeks to explore contemporary Iran in all its complexity through the eyes of these photographers. Taken from different parts of Iran these photographers will return to Iran to teach others. Their vision of their country should dispel certain stereotypes that have developed about Iran over the course of the past 35 years since the Islamic Revolution.  

The project team also includes Ali Kaveh and Alireza Ghoreishi. The photographers are: Bahar Aslani, Negin Kiani, Zahra Ostadzadeh, Mahya Rastegar, Hamid Akhlaghi, Hossein Heidarpour, Ali Tajik and Saeed Zeidi.


Introducing Atli Thor Alfreðsson

"There is ample evidence in viewing the series ‘ICELANDIC’ to inform us that Atli Thor Alfreðsson has the visual capacity to be a  photographer of an amplified format. Without doubt he has a geographical advantage in so far as he is Icelandic born and bred with the relevant visual DNA coded into his whole being. His images resonate not those of a visitor, but of an individual that has lived and breathed in the close proximity of the very best that mother nature has to offer. His pictures do not speak of a person that is awestruck but rather of a person who understands as to how such original landscape can personify magnificence, inspire empathy, conjure fear and subjugate the individual to a state of humility when witnessing that nature is truly bigger than any man."

Excerpt of text by Galvin Harrison

View a comprehensive album of his work :


RENEGADE SCREEN #6 @ artconnect Berlin   

`The Human Mirror´Contemporary Portraits

To Observe - To Record and To Document - Is To See Oneself

Myriam Abdelaziz - Lisbeth Johansen - Jouko Lehtolo - Kevin Broadbery - Sylvia Berton
Jacob Aue Sobol - Gina Zacharias - Andre Lutzen - Kimme Persson - Joseph Rodriguez

Courtesy Myriam Abdelaziz




Works on Paper  Trieste - Italy 2015

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poster design: Filippo Romeo

Original works on paper form part of an essential core of the works for both of the artists, Galvin Harrison and Kresten Havgaard. In the work of Kresten Havgaard, the primary ingredient used is that of oil on paper. The execution of the individual works act as a prelude or supplementary study to the large paintings he is working upon or as an alternative he creates works on paper that act as a post-mortem dissection of completed paintings in a concerted effort to further understand and push the boundaries of his work as an act of preparation, or  could it be said, rehearsals for eventual new paintings.

Contrary to this method of working, the paper works of Galvin Harrison have a tendency to exist as solitary images that are merely suggestive of the main body of work that he is undertaking at any given time whether this being his engagement in paintings or sculpture.
The individual pieces, though quite variable in their visual execution do tend to assume a position within the framework of a specific theme.

RENEGADE SCREEN #4 `Girl Power´ on Art Connect / Berlin.

photo : courtesy Christina Glob

The mission of RENEGADE SCREEN is firstly, to provide an alternative, dynamic, passionate, innovative and global platform for cutting edge contemporary photography, regardless of age, gender, nationality - and secondly, to generate support for the artists in their quest to show quality work that is not being seen or exhibited elsewhere.


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