The concept of Sculpture To Wear was initially conceived in 2010 in Italy. The artist and my good friend Galvin Harrison was visiting me in order to plan a forthcoming exhibition that was due to take place. He produced from his pocket a small black box. It contained three pieces of metal that were cut into very interesting shapes. He related that he had been working together with his good friend and `partner in crime´ Kevin Broadbery to extract the shapes from details of oil paintings that he had recently completed. The forms then progressed on their journey as computer files to the goldsmith Thorkild Thøgersen who then cut and fashioned them into readable prototypes. As we viewed the pieces he enquired as to whether I knew of anybody that could create `not jewelery´ and on that point he was very specific, but rather `Sculptures To Wear´ using selected pieces of his work as the source of inspiration. 
The Sculpture To Wear project is a registered trademark, an happy history of co-incidental events and meetings happening at the right time. I was fortunate to to make the acquaintance of Azza Al-Qabaisi and her husband Mouayad in Abu Dhabi which proved to be the final part of the jig saw puzzle that allowed the concept of Sculpture To Wear to take form. We made the initial launch of Sculpture To Wear in October 2012 at Tashkeel in Dubai. (click here to see images of the opening)
Sculpture To Wear is not jewelry in the ordinary sense and meaning of the word. It has in its title the word sculpture and sculpture is what it is. The mere fact that you can wear it can only be considered an added benefit. The long term perspective for Sculpture To Wear is to establish a leading and desirable brand. We are in the  process of assembling a team of unique talents from across the globe and encouraging a merging of different but exciting cultures and offering them a platform that allows them to pool their individual wealth of talents and expertise in order to create outstanding objects that will broaden the visual horizon of all our lives and enhance the world that we live in.
Paolo Sturiale. Italy 2012.
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